Five inches of snow was measured at the Central Park Zoo on Saturday, exactly at the mid-point of what was forecast. That pushes the month's total to 7.1 inches, which is more than two inches greater than normal for the entire month. The month's total snowfall should increase tomorrow, but first we've got to get through a brisk Monday. A dry cold front that passed through the city early this morning will keep this afternoon's temperatures in the upper 20s. A little jet streak, an area where the jet stream speeds up, is passing overhead producing a few clouds and possibly an inconsequential flurry for some, but most people should see sunny skies.

Tomorrow's snow will come courtesy of an Alberta Clipper, a low that will move from Alberta today to off the Jersey shore tomorrow. Clippers themselves move too fast and are usually too dry to dump much snow, so we'll only see an inch overnight. However, once the storm moves over the warm ocean it has some moisture to play with and we may see another couple of inches during the day on Tuesday.

True to its name this Clipper will be gone by tomorrow night. High pressure will arrive behind the storm bringing us mostly clear skies Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday's high is expected to reach the mid 30s and Thursday may climb up to the lower 40s. The weekend weather is looking unsettled at the moment.