The government of Alberta, Canada has started a new campaign in Times Square designed to promote Canadian oil sands. And they're doing so with a minimum amount of guilt tripping.

The country has been vigorously trying to improve the public perception of oil sands as it seeks to become a major importer of oil; they are hoping the State Department approves the creation of a new pipeline from Alberta to Texas. But the extraction of the oil in the sands releases high levels of greenhouse gases, and has been criticized for the ensuing enviornmental damage, and left some politicians wary of relying on them.

But Alberta implies that we already are relying on them. Two 10-second pro-oil sands video spots will run three times each hour for the next month and half on the screens in Times Square, perhaps because Canada thinks that the best way to reach NYers is to be viewed mostly by tourists. One spot reads: "A good neighbour lends you a cup of sugar. A great neighbour provides you with 1.4 million barrels of oil per day. And does it responsibly. Alberta, Canada."