Albany may very well have continue to "work" for another week without a government shutdown (and without a budget) because Republican State Senator Hugh Farley (Schenectady County) said he'd vote with mostly Democrats and support the budget extender bill. Farley explained, "I can't vote to shut down government. It's a terrible bill, a terrible process, but it would be catastrophic for my constituents," many of whom work for the state government. He added, "This is a devastating, terrible process that is happening."

This helps, because Democratic Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. (Bronx) hates the bill—full of cuts to health care— so much he won't vote for it. According to Daily Politics, Diaz stated, "No more cuts. I am not a politician. I am not here to negotiate. I’m not here to say what’s there for me. I’m here to protect the people, the constituents that sent me here...Last week, I cried. I voted to cut almost a $1 billion in health services to be a good Democrat and to be with my conference but I hurt my people... I’m not voting to cut no more to the needy and to the poor.”