Sigh, of course, the State Senate Democrats' and Republicans' power-sharing deal talks totally collapsed yesterday, leaving the fate of the State Senate—and important state legislation—in the hands of Judge Thomas McNamara who had all but begged the Senators to get their acts together and work it out themselves. State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. (D-Bronx), who helped create this morass after last week's coup, said, "We need judicial intervention."

The stagnation is due to the fact that Espada's fellow momentary dissident Democrat Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens) decided, after voting the Republicans to the majority and Espada as Senate president pro tempore, to go back to the Democrats, creating a 31-31 tie. And because we have no lieutenant governor who would cast the tie-breaker (thanks, Spitzer!), it's a damn mess. The Post suggests flipping a coin.

There was name calling: Senator John Sampson (D-Brooklyn), the Democrats' new "conference leader," said, "There was no agreement reached. We thought they were unreasonable," while Dean Skelos (R-Long Island), the majority leader elected after the coup, said, "They should be docked pay. They should hand it back voluntarily." Senator Bill Perkins (D-Harlem) said, "Welcome to the circus."

Both sides are waiting to hear what Judge McNamara says. Whatever the decision will be, it'll probably be appealed. And we leave you with what Senator Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) said of Monserrate's flip-flopping, "If you lie with dogs, sometimes you get fleas."