Photographs via Lohud.com's Politics on the Hudson

Yesterday, over 8,500 pages of documents detailing Albany DA David Soares's investigation into former Governor Spitzer's campaign to smear former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno were released yesterday--at a price. Lohud.com's Joseph Spector writes that the country clerk offered a $90 CD to the public and press that contained four boxes worth of information:

I’m just starting to go through it, and it’s an absolute mess. Every page is it’s own pdf file and not even scrollable or searchable. So it appears every page is its own file, making it that much more difficult to review. None of the files are titled, there’s no index...

...Soares aides said that there was no order to release the documents, just an advisory opinion from the state Commission on Open Government. So the county clerk hired a company to scan all the files (which are in boxes pictured above and put everything on a disc, then charged back the media for the expense.

Nice--and some documents were still withheld! At any rate, the NY Times thinks the public documents show Spitzer aides straining to discredit Bruno while the Post is struck by the kid-glove treatment Soares gave Spitzer (aka "SOARES' LOVEFEST WITH SPITZER). The Daily News notes one tidbit about Attorney General Andrew Cuomo from fallen Spitzer aide Darren Dopp's diary, "I love AC and hate him, too. He knows just what to say to kill me. The quote I can't get out of my mind is: 'You were prepared to take a bullet in the chest for Eliot, but you took one in the back.'"

Now that these docs are public, Soares says he wants the public to put Troopergate to rest. Good luck with that.