Alamo is Back? Time to Party!!

If all has gone as planned, the Alamo cube should have returned to Astor Place at precisely 8am today. Has anyone been by to see it in person?

Update: mystery! Word is that the cube has not yet arrived! Where could it be? Developing...

Update: Matt Levy, who was planning on throwing an absurdly meta-party at the cube at 4pm (with people dressing up as Mexicans, Cowboys, and Cubist painters... you know, b/c it's the "Alamo"] reports: "Alamo by Tony Rosenthal, has not yet been returned to Astor Place. Therefore, we here at Action Direction Creations find it preposterous to stand around a blank spot of cement eating black cube cake and singing happy returns. SO THE PARTY HAS BEEN POSTPONED! Until the actual sculpture is returned to us, the good citizens of Gotham City. Hold onto your party hats and cubist outfits until further notice. Sorry for the late communique, but things have been insane lately.

Things have been insane indeed! Where is the cube? Our readers demand to know.