Al Sharpton, no match for the Port Authority. The MSNBC talking head and possible NYPD spying subject got his SUV impounded at La Guardia last night. Well, not his SUV, Sharpton Media's SUV. The reverend can't drive.

The story unfolded yesterday afternoon when Port Authority police noticed a 2008 Lincoln Navigator outside the Delta and US Airways terminal illegally waiting in a "no standing" zone. When they went to talk to the driver, it was quickly revealed that the car had a suspended registration "due to lack of insurance."

According to the Post's sources Sharpton then showed up and "raised holy hell over the situation," though his driver meekly turned over his keys anyway. But Sharpton didn't see it that way. "I just called another car. I keep on rolling," he told the post before verifying his NYC cred by pointing out, "I don’t have a license. I don’t drive, so I don’t have anything to do with registration or insurance."