The Reverend Al Sharpton has vowed to find out who killed 56-year-old Denise Gay, an innocent bystander who was shot and killed in a fierce Crown Heights shootout on Labor Day. "We don't know where the bullet was from," Sharpton said as he stood with the Gay family on Friday, "We know where it wasn't from—the guy at the shootout. We will not give up until we find out what happened to Denise."

Police fired 73 bullets in the fusillade at the shooter, Leroy Webster, who shot and killed Eusi Johnson before being critically wounded by police gunfire. An NYPD spokesman has said that Gay was "possibly" killed by a bullet from a service weapon, and the Daily News reports that ballistics tests were so far "iconclusive."

"What has disturbed me about this case is the number of bullets and the mystery gun," Sharpton said. The police has said that several witnesses saw Johnson holding a gun, but in surveillance video of the shooting released on Friday, Johnson does not appear to have a weapon. "I want to find out why, how, who did this. I know it won't bring my sister back, but maybe this incident won't happen again," Denise Gay's sister Les said. A witness has told the Times that he believed "it was quite likely that officers on Franklin Avenue fired the shot that killed Ms. Gay" on her stoop because a tree may have kept her obscured from the officer's view as they were firing on Webster.