Oh, its almost enough to feel sorry for Republican Attorney General candidate (and former Senate candidate) Jeanine Pirro! It seems like everytime the former Westchester district attorney begins to gain anything close to traction in her campaign her husband Al Pirro manages to very publicly screw things up. For instance on Thursday Al's lead foot got him yet anotherticket for speeding when he was found going 51 mph in a 25 mph school zone in White Plains (remember that in July he was busted going 98 mph on I-95).

And that isn't even touching on the still sore issue of Al's 11 month prison stint in 2000 for tax evasion.

Jeanine tried to blow the speeding off yesterday by telling reporters at a press event in Grand Central that she was "not happy" about the incident and that "You didn't want to be in my house last night." She then tried to switch the topic to her campaign against Andrew Cuomo, which itself has hit some bumps. Though Pirro has recently been vocal about running a "positive" campaign she has started airing a 30-second spot in the City which spends a good chunk of time criticizing Cuomo's legal record. Cuomo's camp responded with the following sound bite: "We are befuddled that 24 hours after the Pirro campaign pledged to run a positive campaign and called on us to do the same, they launched a half-million dollar negative media attack against Andrew." Funny, if we had to choose we would describe Pirro's campaign as befuddled.

Photograph of Jeanine Pirro from her campaign website.