2005_09_nypdtruck.jpgAnother problem with al fresco dining: When there are police trucks racings to a crime scene, they might try to avoid hitting another car, jump the curb, and pin you and your server against a wall. That's what happened yesterday in Murray Hill, as a police truck "swerved, jumped the curb and plowed into a sidewalk restaurant in Murray Hill in Manhattan, demolishing a large sidewalk planter and pushing two customers and their server up against a wall in a tangle of chairs, tables, plants and soil," as reported by the NY Times. Apparently the truck was trying to get the Time Warner Center where a man had stolen some merchandise from the Sephora store. Given the other kinds of stores at the Time Warner store, Gothamist is surprised one would be stealing merchandise from the Sephora; surely, the organic meat from Whole Foods is more expensive on a pound for pound basis. Anyway, two police trucks were traveling west on East 37th Street when a Nissan Sentra pulled into the intersection, causing one truck to swerve and then jump onto the curb and into Earl's Restaurant. The victims from the curb jumping included a couple in their late 60s and early 70s (they only had minor injuries)and the 25 year old server (treated at the scene). And the Daily News finds a Katrina connection at the scene: Two people eating there had just escaped the hurricane, telling the tab, "We were scared to death - twice."

Previous encounters with cars jumping onto curbs.