2007_06_ak47.jpgThe authorities gave details about the Philadelphia apartment of Rebekah Johnson, the woman suspected of shooting a Staten Island commune leader last year. Like how they found an AK-47 rifle and 1,000 rounds of ammo.

Johnson was arrested on Monday, after being on the run for over a year. She was a "most wanted" fugitive and had even been featured on America's Most Wanted multiple times, but she drew attention of investigators when she registered a car she bought via craigslist in her own name. The NYPD noted that up until the car purchase, Johnson was "very careful about avoiding creating any paper trail or bringing attention to herself." The NY Times described how a detective got a hit on database about the registration, which then set into motion tracking down the seller (who hadn't delivered the car to Johnson yet) and readying other law enforcement agents to arrest her.

Johnson accused Ganas leader Jeffrey Gross of sexually abusing her and forcing others into sexual relationships before allegedly shooting him three times. Gross, who has been in hiding since the shooting and reduced the commune's presence online (no more map to its properties, no online newsletter), told the Staten Island Advance he was relived she was captured, but, given the AK-47 and ammo, believed she could do more harm. "I kept telling people, don't be fooled by her silence. My fear was that she had a very similar profile as the Virginia Tech killer."

Johnson is currently in the medical wing of a Philadelphia prison, with an extradition hearing planned for later this month.