According to the FAA, "arriving flights to be delayed an average of 5 hours and 5 minutes" at JFK, but LaGuardia and Newark Airports are doing just fine. But just in case you thought it was safe to fly again, CBS 2 reports that it will take "days" for any of the airports to get back to normal. The domino effect of cancelled flights has left many sleeping in the airports, waiting on lines and stuck in planes for upwards of 11 hours.

Darius Van Demark told MyFoxNY that he had been offered 20,000 credit miles as compensation for being stuck on the JFK tarmac from 7:30 p.m. yesterday to around 7 this morning. He reports the crew had only soup to serve the passengers. Ugh, what is the deal with airplane food? And the mother of one woman stuck on a different plane for eight hours asks, "Isn't there a Passenger Bill of Rights that protect passengers in this instance?"

Many flights remain cancelled, and many airlines have left un-updated information on their websites, confusing passengers looking for information. One American Airlines customer at LaGuardia airport said, “I went back to the airport this morning because at 11:45 a.m. it said our flight was on time on the website. I come to the airport to find out the airport is closed, and that all the flights are canceled until tomorrow. I am not pleased with American’s customer service at this point in time and will write a letter to them." The LaGuardia general manager says he expects few flights to arrive or depart today. But hopefully, unlike JFK, the Cinnabon is open.