washroom.jpgWe don't know what 1010 WINS news reporter John Montone did to deserve such an assignment, but he was sent to research the state of the Porta-Potties designated for use by cab drivers at Newark International Airport. His report confirms that both in appearance and smell, the temporary facilities are nauseating. Cabbies have been complaining about the poor condition of the six temporary toilets that were installed in January, after the permanent bathroom was closed.

Newark Airport officials are saying that if drivers want to point fingers, it should be at themselves. "A spokes [sic] for the Port Authority" said that the reason the permanent bathroom was closed is because cab drivers vandalized it and that a hazmat team had to be called in to clean the structure.

An agreement is being finalized that will result in the Port Authority opening a new permanent bathroom for drivers, but the Newark cabbies association will be responsible for paying for any damage that might occur at the facilities in the future. We're sure no one will be more relieved than John Montone at the conflict's quick resolution.

(Untitled photo of employee bathroom humor, by Polish Sausage Queen at flickr)