Airport screening

The Transportation Security Administration is considering toning down the airport security precautions that have been in place since 9/11. An August 5th memo leaked to the Washington Post outlines the proposed changes which include allowing nail-clippers, small knives, razor-blades, throwing stars, bows and arrows, and ice picks. Further, only passengers who set off metal detectors, are flagged by computer screening, or who look "reasonably suspicious" would be asked to take their shoes off.

A final decision won't be made until later in the month but Gothamist is slightly optimistic about the proposed changes as some of the restrictions over the past few years, like nail-clippers, were a bit ridiculous (however we do find ourselves wondering who needs to carry on ice picks and throwing stars? We guess considering some of the crazy stuff that airport security has found we shouldn't be that surprised, but still...). So, how about you? Are you for or against a toned down airport screening process?