Weapons found at JFK AirportNext time you're frustrated with the slowness of airport screening, remember this: Security is in fact finding tons of weapons on passengers. Airport security officials would like passengers to pack carefully (as in "Don't pack weapons") but Gothamist thinks if you're going to go to the lengths to have a knife hidden in your belt buckle, you're probably not saying to yourself, "Hey, I should leave that at home." So we think it's just best to realize that security is trying to make flying safer for everyone from some of these kinds of weapons:

- Box of cologne shaped grenades
- Two razor blades hidden in the insoles of a man's tennis shoes.
- Nine-inch knife hidden in a man's prosthetic leg. (At Bradley Airport in Hartford, CT)

Check out the list of prohibited items. And there was that silly Air France pilot who joked about a shoe bomb at security.