2006_03_airtraffic.JPGAs if there are not enough woes at area airports, WNBC 4 says that the radars at NYC's three major airports failed this afternoon.

A backup system is up and running. However, there are delays at all three major airports (LaGuardia, JFK and Newark) and smaller airports in the New York metro area.

The problem is reportedly with the the main computer system at the New York center in Ronkonkoma.

The radar system can see the aircraft as a blip on the screen, but is not getting the identifying information tag attached to each flight. As a result, controllers at New York center are having to manually notify other centers and control towers about each plane.

That's pretty crazy. Lest you worry about planes almost brushing into each other more than usual, WNBC says that the FAA increased "separation between aircraft" to 15 miles.