As you all know, North American air travelers would rather get a root canal from a drunk dentist using her elbows to hold and maneuver all the sharp painful stuff than ever have to visit LaGuardia Airport. Where does the shame of New York City rank when stacked up against the rest of the world though? Turns out not so great, as a recent airport survey called LaGuardia the 14th worst airport on the planet Earth. Okay okay fine, but let's see how it does if we expand the survey to include other planets!

The readers of airport guide Sleeping In Airports contributed to the website's list of the 20 least appealing, most depressing, downright distressing airports to have to drag your carry-on roll bags through. Nestled in between number 13 (Nepal's Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport) and number 15 (Greece's Chania International Airport) sits LaGuardia Airport. Incredibly, LaGuardia is both the sole American airport out of the 20 on the list, and the only North American airport on it as well.

Pull quotes from the surveys that Sleeping in Airports highlighted for LaGuardia are as follows:

Unreal for a major city. It is such an ugly site for a beautiful city. Get it together!!!

LaGuardia is the perfect definition of a 3rd world airport in a developing country acting as a 1st world airport, no other way to explain it.

In addition to the airport's leaky ceilings, the website also made note of the LaGuardia's status as an accidental homeless shelter and its famously nice rate of delays.

The kindest thing Sleeping in Airports could say about the forthcoming, 63 percent less hellish version of the airport is that while LaGuardia II "may not address the significant delays, when completed in 2021, it may at least result in a more comfortable wait." Well, it's a good thing there's plenty to do on a staycation for anyone who lives here.