A Long Island man who lives equidistant between JFK and LaGuardia says he found a chunk of a commercial airplane in his backyard. Lee Ackerman, 52, was walking his dog on Tuesday when he spotted the piece of metal in a fern behind his Stewart Manor home. About the size of a sheet of paper, NBC New York reports that the airplane part appears to be a maintenance placard for landing gear from to a jumbo Airbus A380, which can seat 500 people or more.

"It is unnerving to have stuff fall from the sky," Ackerman told Newsday with that signature Stewart Manor understatement we've all come to love. "It, thankfully, was a small piece. We have so many flights going overhead and, you know, things fall off planes now and then." Nassau County police retrieved the part, which according to Newsday features "a diagram and maintenance instructions for an A380 wing landing gear."

Not to worry, airplanes are loaded with all sorts of extra duplicate parts they don't really need. But if there's an Airbus A380 owner out there missing a part, you may retrieve at the local FAA field office in Long Island. Plenty of free Airbus parking! You'll just have to pay a small fine for failing to curb your Airbus.