The flu-germ knife fight that is Flying In America now has travelers turning against each other in a disgusting tattletale ritual. A travel editor at the SF Chronicle is urging people to tweet photos of carry-ons they believe to be too big under the hashtag #carryonshame. Meanwhile, American/US Airways, Delta, and United all recently shrank their carry-on restriction sizes. Which side are you on?

George Hobica of noticed the changes after he almost missed his flight at JFK because of the new restrictions, which trimmed the previous measurements down by an inch. For the airlines listed above, carry-on luggage must now be 14 inches wide, 22 inches long, and 9 inches thick.

JetBlue and Southwest have larger limits (24" x 16" x 10") but their tickets usually cost more.

Hobica lists a few carry-on options for travelers who want to comply with the New Order. For shorter trips we recommend an old American Tourister briefcase, which garners instant flight attendant cred.

As for that miserable hashtag campaign...

Few things are more aggravating than having to wait in the fetid air of the metal tube and dodging sharp elbows while some fool helplessly attempts to cram their fat-wheeled SkyMall Special into an overhead bin.

But flyers don't cause delays—airlines do. Air carrier delay, late-arriving aircrafts, and cancelled flights accounted for 14.18% of all flight delays in April of 2014. Weather accounted for 0.4%.

Reserve your shame for the corporations, and make them pay for your tardiness.