Nothing'll bring you down faster than the Man stealing all your hard-earned cash, and one American Airlines flight attendant is learning that the hard way. Jorge Albert Perez got caught allegedly trying to sneak $600,000 in drug money out of JFK—but he's not about to let that cash go without a fight.

Perez was arrested in May along with supposed accomplice Mariano DeJesus Rivera when security agents found them carrying nearly 30,000 $20 bills (and 2,500 $10s and 56 $5s) stuffed in American Airlines envelopes inside their carry-on luggage. Rivera and Perez were on their way to Puerto Rico, and feds say Perez's phone records connect him to a Latin American drug cartel. Perez says the cash was for his budding reggaeton enterprise, Star Creations, but neither Perez nor Rivera were able to provide documentation showing where the money came from.

Of course, airport drug-smuggling is nothing new, and a number of narcotics-related incidents have come in and out of JFK over the past few years. Just this summer, a number of American Airlines employees were implicated in a Puerto Rican smuggling ring—after all, in this economy, who can blame someone for a little moonlighting?