A Staten Island man was arrested on Monday for sexually assaulting a woman during a 13-hour flight; police say he took the victim's lotion and rubbed it on her body while she slept.

Nadeem Mehmood Quraishi, 42, was on an Emirates flight from Dubai to JFK Airport and seated next to the victim, who said she had taken anti-anxiety medicine and fallen asleep. When she woke up, Quraishi allegedly asked her "whether she had a good nap."

But the "passenger noticed that lotion had been spread on her arms, chest, and up her legs and that the hand lotion she had placed in the pocket in front of her seat was missing," according to a criminal complaint taken by Detective Christopher Caruso, an officer assigned to an NYPD-FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

When the victim got up to go to the bathroom, her groin area was painful and, according to the complaint, she discovered that "her vaginal area was sore" and "that her underwear had been shifted and that lotion was in her vaginal area and on her underwear.”

When she returned to her seat, she says she asked Quraishi where her hand lotion was, and he handed it back to her. She then notified a flight attendant that she had been sexually assaulted in her sleep; when the flight crew's supervisor came to speak with her, he found her "crying and trembling" in the airplane's galley.

Flight attendants confronted Quraishi, who allegedly admitted to the incident. According to the complaint, "The defendant also told the flight attendants that she needed it, and that the passenger enjoyed it because she did not resist it." He also allegedly told flight attendants that "it had happened to him as a child."

Quraishi, who reportedly managed a Subway sandwich shop on Staten Island, was charged with sexual contact without consent, and released on $50,000 bond. He was ordered to surrender his passport and not leave NYC.