041708prayer.jpgAn unidentified man was forcibly removed from a United Airlines at JFK before it took off last night because he wouldn’t sit down and stop praying. A San Francisco author named Ori Brafman, who was on the flight, told WNBC the Orthodox Jewish man ignored instructions from flight attendants to remain in his seat. During the minutes before take off, he walked to the back of the plane to pray, and when he continued to defy attendants' orders, they summoned airport security.

Brafman described the scene: "He doesn't respond to them, but his friends explain that once you start praying you can't stop." Kids, this is why you ‘Just Say No’ to prayer. Once the man stopped praying a few minutes later, he explained that he “couldn't interrupt his religious ritual and wasn't trying to be rude.” But he got the boot anyway, and the flight proceeded to San Francisco. A spokesman for United Airlines confirmed that he was removed and put on another flight this morning.

Photo: editrrix