An Airbnb guest pleaded guilty to looting a New York City apartment—and not paying rent. The Daily News reports that Victoria Doramus "was released from jail Wednesday after admitting she stole Cartier and Rolex watches, handbags, Louis Vuitton luggage and clothing from a woman who rented her Bowery apartment to Doramus, authorities said."

Doramus, 32, allegedly initially told police the items were taken by someone she met on Craigslist: "He came over and got my belongings mixed up with her belongings in the wrong bag."

According the Daily News, "She said she sold the watches but that the other items were still in a storage unit she kept in SoHo. 'I was going to give it back,' she later said. 'I will pay her for the rent and return her stuff.'" Police also say two checks she wrote to pay for the rent bounced.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Robert Stolz appeared confused by the idea that someone would leave such valuables lying around, asking, "[The host] who operates an Airbnb and leaves her Rolex and Cartier watches, her diamond necklace and her Louis Vuitton luggage there?"

Airbnb does offer hosts $1 million in insurance for lost or damaged items, like for when a scammer trashes an apartment. A spokesperson told DNAinfo last year after a LES host's apartment was robbed, "Negative experiences are extremely rare as more than 100 million guest arrivals have had safe and positive experiences on Airbnb. We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and have removed this guest from our platform."

Doramus will get probation, pay restitution and attend a mental health program.