After a series of coyote attacks this summer and recent confirmation that an attacking coyote was rabid, Westchester County schools are getting ready to make sure their students are safe...with the help of air horns. The Journal News reports, "At the suggestion of [Rye] Police Commissioner William Connors, teachers aides, physical education teachers and security guards will carry air horns when students are outside for activities and during arrival and dismissal, Schools Superintendent Edward Shine said."

Shine explained, "If they see a coyote, they blow the air horn and it frightens (the coyote) off. It's a way to communicate to the coyote that (it) shouldn't be there." Additionally, residents have been told that if they come into contact with a coyote, they should "make loud noises, throw stones, and act aggressively" in order to instill fear into coyotes.