Is it time for real estate brokers to freak out or people desperate to buy to rejoice? Various real estate groups have noted that NYC home sales dropped over 20% last quarter. Sadly, neither: Factors causing less sales might include fears of rising gas prices, mortgage rates, and ther real estate bubble itself - and prices for Manhattan apartments actually increased. Damn you, housing shortage. we thought this would be our opportunity.

And the commercial real estate market in the city has been doing pretty well. Except for one notable address: 7 World Trade Center. AM New York looks at the bus ads proclaiming the office-worthiness of 7 WTC. Gothamist is actually quite fond of 7 WTC, as it's austere and reflectively lovely. You can see the 7 World Trade Center floorplans and amenities list at Larry Silverstein's company website. Stairwells are 20% than needed!