According to French investigators, Air France Flight 447 had sent 24 error messages before disappearing over the Atlantic Ocean after departing Rio de Janeiro for Paris last Sunday. BBC News reports, "Investigators...said the plane's autopilot was not on, though they do not know if it had been switched off or was not working." Investigators also said the plane, an Airbus 330, was scheduled to have it parts of its speed sensors replaced, after Airbus had warned that there could be issues with them, but investigators also said it was "far too early to conclude" they may have been cause of the accident. The search also continues for the planes' black boxes; while ships from Brazil, France and the U.S., plus a nuclear powered sub from France, are looking for the black boxes' "pingers," which send out signals of their locations, the pingers could have been detached. Update: Brazil says two bodies were recovered where the flight is believed to have crashed.