A few more details about yesterday's incident where Air Force 2 (carrying Vice President Joe Biden back to Washington D.C.) knocked over a plane at Gabreski Airport in Westhampton Beach: According to Newsday, "About 11 a.m., Biden's plane, a Boeing 757, was on a ramp and began a turn toward a runway when 'jet blast' caused a Piper PA-18 to flip over. The Piper was parked, tied to the ground and sustained left wing damage." No one was in the Piper, so there were no injuries.

An Air Force spokeswoman said the Piper actually lifted a few feet above the ground. The Air Force also said that "an investigation will be conducted, including determining the cost of the damage to the Piper and whose responsibility it will be to pay... The damaged light craft belongs to an aerial media company."

Next time Biden comes to town, we'll need a special traffic alert where drivers or pilots should stay at least 15 feet away at all times.