For the first time since 1983, AIDS is no longer one of the top 10 killers of New Yorkers, Health Commissioner Mary Bassett announced on Thursday. The official 2012 list, which was revealed yesterday, showed AIDS deaths dropping from 766 deaths in 2011, when it was in ninth place, to 609 deaths in 2012.

“It’s a tribute to the efforts that have been made . . . in tackling this epidemic,” Commissioner Bassett said during a hearing at City Council yesterday. According to the New York State HIV/AIDS Surveillance Annual Report from this August, there were 131,000 New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS in New York City in 2011.

The leading cause of death in New York City in 2012 was heart disease, with cancer coming in second and the flu in third. Diabetes is fourth, Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases rank fifth, followed by Cerebrovascular Diseases, accidental poisoning via "psychoactive substances," hypertension, Use of or Poisoning by Psychoactive Substance, and Alzheimer's. Have a great weekend!