wv_0323.JPGYesterday's weather: Pleasant, but boring.
Today's weather: Not so nice, but interesting.
Tomorrow's weather: Not so nice, not so interesting.
All three days: Typical spring weather.

You'll have to forgive the atmosphere, it is going through its typical seasonal spasms as it changes from winter circulation mode to summer circulation mode. It is snowing outside of Gothamist's office north of town this morning. The Weather Service and AccuWeather both believe we will get a couple of inches of snow by tomorrow morning. If that's not enough for you head north and west of the city where up to ten inches may fall. The reason for the snow? So obvious. Strong quasigeostropic frontogenetical forcing of course!

Coming back to earth, this wet one day, dry the next cool weather pattern looks to be our fate for the next several days at least. We'll talk more about the cool weather tomorrow.

Enhanced water vapor satellite imagery from the National Weather Service