Some Columbia University students are in mourning this week after cops nabbed one of the campus' more prominent dealers. Known to many there as simply "Bill," William Delp found himself in custody Monday when narcotics officers raided his West 107th Street apartment after the 49-year-old had attempted to sell drugs to undercover detectives. Delp, who describes himself on his MySpace page as "a composer, filmmaker, and political and social activist" and posts photos of himself singing "vocal duos" with snakes, faces drug charges related to possession and sale of LSD, Ecstasy, and marijuana. Now, it's not exactly a bombshell story when an aging hippie gets busted for drugs, but what may be the only surprise in this case is that Delp's neighbors were actually surprised. Said neighbor Jonathan Perez to the NY Daily News: "I'm totally shocked...He was always a pretty cool guy. He'd always give the peace sign." Yeah, that probably should have been your clue right there.