Here's a lawsuit that has it all: aging frat bros, steakhouse reunions, homoerotic impromptu wrestling matches, Las Vegas doctors, wine bottles smashed in people's faces, and "facial asymmetry"—and it all hinges on the phrase, "I tap out."

According to 41-year-old Albert Williamson's lawsuit, the LI schoolteacher met up with four former frat brothers, including 39-year-old Las Vegas doctor Alfredo Castellanos, on Feb. 23rd for dinner at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse on Park Avenue. The men had all been brothers in Delta Kappa Beta fraternity at SUNY Cortland nearly 20 years ago. After dinner, Castellanos invited Williamson and another friend back to his suite in the Tryp Hotel on 35th Street to continue the party.

And that's when the night took a (heel) turn.

The suit alleges that Castellanos "became boisterous, argumentative and combative...In a seemingly drunken state (he) insisted that Plaintiff engage in an impromptu wrestling match in the hotel suite." Castellanos immediately put Williamson into a submission hold on the ground. The teacher claims he shouted, "'I tap out,' a phrase indicating that plaintiff surrendered and did not want to wrestle anymore."

But there was no tapping out this evening: Williamson says he tried to crawl out of the room, but Castellanos blocked his exit. Castellanos said, “If you won’t fight me, at least you will drink with me," and then "either negligently or intentionally," hit Williamson in the face with a wine bottle until he passed out.

When Castellanos came to, he called the cops. He ultimately suffered a broken nose, broken teeth, headaches, blurred vision, slurred speech, "facial asymmetry" and other injuries from the wrestling match gone wrong.