New York may be the dirtiest, rudest and most expensive $10 latte-boasting city of them all, but we may not be #1 when it comes to soul-crushing stress—a new study taken by data crunchers who have presumably never pulled a giant rat out of a Foot Locker box says we're only the second most stressed out city in the United States.

The study, put together by real estate blog Movoto, used commute time, unemployment, high cost of living, crime, hours worked, population density and percentage of income spent on rent to determine the top ten most stressed cities, and our own little town made the ranks thanks to our 44 minute average commute time, obscene rents and cacophonous crowds. And this isn't the first time NYC's been subjected to second best in a stress ranking. Last year we took the silver in a Forbes/Gallup poll, sandwiched between smog-covered traffic jam Los Angeles and frozen hellscape Chicago.

Movoto's study, though, smacks those faux-anxious cities out of the top five: Chicago earning the number 7 spot and Los Angeles made the sad slide all the way to number 10, proving a person cannot possibly be stressed out when surrounded by sunshine, avocados and fedora-sporting celebrities.

So what F-train bereft city stole our top honors this time? That would be Washington, D.C., with "residents working an average of 40.1 hours a week," presumably coupled with the stress of having a murderous Kevin Spacey as a coworker and fearing the baby panda will fall out of her tree. And Miami, inexplicably, rolls in at number 3, since they spend about 37 percent of their yearly household income on rent, how cute!

You can peruse the full list of stressed out cities here, and please toss your Xanax prescription and focus on your piddling retirement funds before they start culling rankings for next year.