Paul Manafort has a long and storied career of selling tyrants and strongmen, as well as tobacco industry science, to any and all Western marks willing to listen to him. And despite sticking with deposed Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych all the way until the end, a Trump campaign shakeup led to power being handed to Breitbart CEO/Seinfeld residuals vacuum Steve Bannon. As a result, Manafort is walking away from the presidential election, handing in his resignation to Donald Trump this morning according, to the Washington Post.

The resignation was first reported by the Washington Post's Robert Costa. Costa also tweeted that his source told him that Manafort left on good terms, which robs us of the chance to see Manafort to do something spiteful like confirming whether or not Trump's nude body is similar to a recent artistic representation of it. The resignation date was also correctly predicted by at least one Twitter user:

Manafort became somewhat of a liability for the Trump campaign as more revelations about his activities working for the Ukrainian government have come to light. The resignation allows Trump to move on from questions about his campaign manager's foreign lobbying activities to more pressing matters, like another attempt at pivoting to a more human-like presence on the campaign. Last night's speech in North Carolina, where he offered vague notions of apology and regret and characterized himself as flying off the handle while "being too honest" improbably garnered praise from reporters.

So as long as no one explores this whole thing about Trump's anti-Semitic policy advisor and his new campaign chairman making so many racial slurs in meetings that a Breitbart publicist had to quit in anger, this newest pivot could definiely work.