Surprise, surprise: 27-year-old Katie Lee wanted to go out on the town more than her 60-year-old husband Billy Joel. Following the couple's divorce announcement, the NY Post spoke to sources close to the couple, who told the paper, "It really was just an age thing. She loves the city, she loves to go out and have fun and he prefers to stay at home. The age difference didn't seem to be a big deal seven years ago [when they met], but it has become one as they got older. They just grew apart." Meanwhile, she's been locking arms with designer Yigal Azrouel all over town, as Joel prefers to stay close to home with his motorcycles and yachts. As for the money, there's allegedly an ironclad prenuptial agreement, though Katie Lee will likely get the couple's Greenwich Village townhouse, which Joel bought for $5.9 million just a few years ago. Joel's daughter Alexa Ray, just 4 years younger than his soon-to-be-ex-wife, told People she saw it coming, "I have a pretty good woman's intuition, so I could tell."