Bad news if you live on Ocean Parkway: your landlord might be racist. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has filed lawsuits against owners and managers of properties in Brooklyn and Glenville, Schenectady County, claiming an undercover investigation caught them refusing to rent or show apartments to black applicants. Cuomo said in a statement, "Our investigation found that housing discrimination continues to this day and landlords who continue to ignore the law will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

According to the investigation, landlords at these properties told black applicants there were no apartments available even though they were; that they must fill out an application and make an appointment to see apartments, even though he let white applicants see apartments immediately; and discouraged black applicants from applying. Owners of 1750 Ocean Parkway, Morris and Elsa Bistricer, agreed to pay $40,000 in damages and provide anti-discrimination training to rental agents.

The Post obtained a transcript of conversations between a black undercover investigator and the super, and a white undercover investigator and the super at 1648 Ocean Parkway, both of which took place on the same day. The super told the black investigator there was "no way to say" when a two-bedroom apartment would be opening up in the building, while inviting the white investigator to see the two-bedroom almost immediately.

Landlords at the Glenville apartments also discriminated against families, telling parents they didn't want kids in their buildings and asked some applicants if they planned on having kids. Cuomo told the Post, "Discrimination is alive and well in America today." What's up, Arizona?