Attorney General candidate Zephyr Teachout connects the future of New York with that of her first child in a campaign ad that features her getting an ultrasound. "What does his or her future look like? Do we save our Democracy? Do we flip congress? Does Robert Mueller indict Trump? I don't want to wait and see," Teachout says as the camera pans back from the ultrasound towards her.

"It's why I sued President Trump the week he was inaugurated... wrote the book on corruption and took on the Albany machine... and rallied against pharmaceutical and insurance companies for putting profits over people," she says. "I'm Zephyr Teachout and you’ve never seen an attorney general like me... and neither have they."

Teachout, who is due in October, ran against Governor Andrew Cuomo in the 2014 gubernatorial primary. While Cuomo won, with 62% of the vote to her 34%, the margin was actually smaller than expected.

Now she's running against NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, and former Cuomo aide Leecia Eve in the Democratic AG primary—and last week, her opponents ganged up on her, as she's been getting high-profile endorsements (NY Times, Daily News) and support (Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). Maloney called her "unhinged," drawing boos; Teachout sued Maloney, accusing him of illegally funneling $1.4 million from his congressional campaign to his AG one.

A Siena poll released on Monday says that Maloney is leading the race with 25% of the vote, with James trailing at 24%, Teachout at 18%, and Eve at 3%. However, pollster Steve Greenberg said, "With nearly one-third of likely Democratic primary voters still undecided just days before they go to the polls, the race for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General is going down to the wire with Maloney, James and Teachout all within striking distance of each other." Also of note, of the 509 respondents polled, 66% are over age 55.

Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed Teachout on Monday. She thanked him, saying, "Bernie Sanders has changed what’s possible in our politics by rejecting the cynicism of the status quo and insisting on a progressive agenda that puts people first."