flooding in Richmond.  source:  Richmond Times-Dispatch

The remarkable Gaston decided to head out to sea and spare us a lot of his rainfall. Richmond, Virginia wasn't as lucky. Places in Richmond received upwards of 10-15 inches of rain yesterday. The photo above is from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Next up on the tropical hit parade is Frances. She's got a good beat but you don't want to dance with her. Frances has winds of 135 mph, which edges her into a category 4 storm. The Bahamas are directly in her path. It is too early to predict with any confidence, but it is likely that Frances will make landfall in the southeastern U.S. The folks at Capital Weather are having an interesting discussion about where Frances may hit.

As for the here and now, today should be a beautiful day for conventioneering, protesting, or buying the new Björk cd. Expect sunny, dry skies with a pleasant breeze this afternoon. No big changes are expected through Saturday so get out and enjoy one of the last weeks of summer.