The Gowanus Canal is continuing its evolution from dolphin-trapping Superfund site to state-of-the-art green space, having finally received enough cash to move forward with plans for a new $1.5 million "sponge park."

The concept of the 2nd Street site was conceived in 2008, the main idea being that vegetation will absorb some of the raw sewage that currently contaminates the canal during heavy rainfall. If and when the canal is eventually deemed "clean," the park's design will help keep it that way. Until then, we hope these plants are the type that enjoy getting doused in motor oil and caressed by a suitcase filled with body parts.

The Daily News reported this week that funding for the site has been cobbled together from a blend of state and federal grants, with a $535,000 cash-injection courtesy of a "green innovation" grant.

Construction will begin in 2014, and the park is expected to be complete in 2015.

Via dlandstudio