What has happened to the Jets? Three straight wins to open the season had them flying high, but now three consecutive losses, including one to the lowly Bills at home, has the Mark Sanchez Messiah Watch on hold. And make no mistake, Sanchez has been to blame for two of the three losses. His turnovers cost the Jets against the Saints -- they led to two return touchdowns -- and he had a five-interception meltdown in last week's 16-13 overtime loss to the Bills.

Making matters worse is the season-ending knee injury to nose tackle Kris Jenkins. The big man doesn't always show up in the stat sheet, but teams constantly double- and triple-team him. Without him to clog the middle, the Jets' rush defense will need some reorganizing.

The Raiders stink but somehow beat the Raiders last week. JaMarcus Russell isn't committed, the defense is bad, their owner is insane and their coach is a borderline criminal. That win against Philadelphia last week could help out the Jets. The pressure is off Oakland to do anything positive for the next few weeks. But the pressure is on the Jets. If they don't win this game, they can stop thinking of themselves as playoff contenders.