2006_06_bikehit.jpgA terrible accident in West Midtown: A bicyclist was hit by an M20 city bus that pinned his legs under a tire. And the bicyclist was just clipped by a taxi door! The accident occured near the intersection of West 44th Street and 10th Avenue, and a witnesses described the scene to the Post:

- "The gentleman was riding his bike and he hit the cab door when it opened. He was projected toward the bus. He hit the bus and rolled under and his leg got pinned under the tire. He was in bad shape."
- "I was on the corner and I heard what sounded like a tire blowing out. I looked over and saw a man running between the taxi and a bus. He ran up to the door and banged on the glass and told the bus driver, 'Stop! Stop! There's someone under the bus!'"

Emergency crews were able to get the bicyclist out, who was then taken to a hospital. If there's one thing drivers could do more, it's look behind them before they open their car door. Not that it will prevent all the accident, but it could stop some.