Anna Gristina

, the suburban mom accused of running a multimillion-dollar prostitution ring out of an Upper East Side apartment, finally won her bid to have her bail reduced from $2 million to $250,000. Prosecutors had argued that Gristina was recorded saying that her high-profile clients would get her out of the country if she were ever in trouble, but a higher court reversed the judge's heavy bail. Now Gristina can be sprung for just $125,000 in cash.

The Post reports that Gristina is also upping the ante, by "filing court papers that mention five prominent male 'friends' she says Manhattan prosecutors leaned hard on her to cooperate against." Here's the description from the Post:

Mystery man No. 1, Gristina writes, “is a wealthy financier with interests in real estate and professional sports” that an unidentified male prosecutor pressed her about.

Of mystery man No. 2 she writes: “The male prosecutor asked me about another man, who is a member of a politically prominent family in Manhattan.” Then there’s mystery man No. 3: “The male prosecutor also asked me about a prominent international banker,” she wrote in the affidavit. A fourth unidentified man is “a prominent Manhattan lawyer,” Gristina wrote.

A fifth man, she wrote, is an accountant, described in the affidavit as the confidential informant who has been cooperating against her.

She claims that after she refused to cooperate, prosecutors charged her. Further, her filing also says that the sting that got her arrested was "an alleged two-hooker romp performed at taxpayer expense for the pleasure of an undercover cop one summer night last year." (The cop didn't participate, just watched.)

Gristina's attorney has accused the Manhattan DA's office of "vindictive or selective prosecution" and wants the charges dismissed.