A 21-year-old after-school aide at an elementary school in The Bronx has admitted to molesting young female students, according to a report from the Special Commissioner of Investigation's office.

Steven Walters, 21, worked as a teacher's aide at The School of Applied Science and Learning as part of a Good Shepherd Services program. According to the report [pdf], in November 2013 an eight-year-old female student reported to her father that Walters had taken her to a school stairwell, where he sexually abused her. A 7-year-old female student also told investigators that Walters "put his hand on the inside of her upper thigh, and told [her] that her leg felt warm"; she also told her mother that Walters touched her buttocks. Another student told investigators that Walters made a different 8-year-old student to into a bathroom with him, telling her he was going to do "nasty things" with her.

Investigators say Walters admitted to abusing the students, noting that at one point, he pulled a hoodie he was wearing over one of the students' heads to cover her eyes before molesting her. He also admitted to abusing one of the students in a bathroom, and abused two students in the stairwell on multiple occasions. He allegedly told investigators that he abused one of the students in the stairwell more often than another because she was "more his type." According to the report, Walters said he knew what he did with the young students was "wrong," and wanted to get help.

Walters was arrested on July 15th. The DOE has not yet responded to request for comment.