When Governor Andrew Cuomo took aim at the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) after Hurricane Sandy he was really serious. Because before the troubled utility had even restored power to many of its customers, LIPA's acting CEO resigned, the Attorney General started looking into LIPA and now a VP and a trustee have also tendered their resignations. Which doesn't get the power back on, but it is a start.

Bruce Germano, a LIPA veteran most recently working as vice president of customer service, confirmed yesterday that he will depart LIPA at the end of the year. According to him the move is "purely a personal decision." He went on to say, “My time at LIPA included many exciting and rewarding experiences. I truly enjoyed working with the skilled, hard working and dedicated staff throughout my time here. I look forward to pursuing other interests and most importantly spending time with my family.”

In addition, LIPA has also confirmed that X. Cristofer Damianos, a board member appointed in 2007 by Governor Eliot Spitzer, has resigned his post rather than wait for it to expire in August. LIPA spokeswoman Elizabeth Flagler said Damianos, who owns a commercial real estate firm, left "to spend more time on his business."

The loss of Damianos leaves LIPA with nine trustees and six vacant seats for Governor Cuomo and state legislators to fill. The board needs eight members for quorum—their next scheduled meeting is December 13.

Meanwhile, in an effort to fix its public image, LIPA yesterday unveiled a number of moves to "soften the blow" to customers left in the dark after the storm. The measures include "customer meter readings, suspended late payments, unpenalized partial payments and relaxed collection efforts, following complaints from some customers that estimated bills for the past month didn't deduct days their homes or businesses were in the dark."