Due to a multimillion budget gap, Newark laid off 167 police officers (13% of its force) earlier this month. Since then, crime has increased there have been numerous carjackings—victims include a staffer in the NJ Attorney General's office and a Newark school principal—and shootings (since Thursday, four people have been shot dead and six have been wounded). Now, Newark Mayor Cory Booker says that police will be at "full force" this weekend, claiming "dozens" more cops will be patrolling.

While residents and activists say the decision to layoffs so many cops is why violence has roared back (back in April, Booker was touting how Newark had its first murder-free month since 1966), the Essex County prosecutor's office says it's unclear if the crime is related to the budget-tightening. Still, one resident of the South Ward, where many recent shootings have occurred, told the Star-Ledger, "This is happening every day. I have insomnia. How do people live like this?"