Despite widespread backlash against the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for euthanizing Oreo the dog — a pit bull who miraculously survived being thrown off a six-story building only to be put down by the ASPCA because of her aggressive behavior — a major animal rights group has come forward to defend the agency.

While many have criticized the ASPCA for euthanizing Oreo, especially when a respected animal sanctuary had offered to care of her, the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals is pushing animal lovers to continue to back the ASPCA. “Calling on animal lovers and ASPCA supporters to stop donating to the ASPCA is short-sighted and not the way to honor Oreo’s memory,” said Jane Hoffman, president of the coalition of 160 animal rescue groups striving to make New York City a no-kill community for animals 2015. “This will, in fact, result in an enormous number of animal deaths — not a result that true animal lovers would desire."

Hoffman went on to note that the ASPCA — which has committed $5 million to her group — operates free spay and neuter clinics around the city daily, accepts the transfer of thousands of animals every year and aids in their adoptions, investigates more than 5,000 cases of animal cruelty in the city per year, goes after against dog-fighting rings and puppy mills, and issues grants to animal welfare groups — all of which she says are important measures that keep animals alive. “For the sake of the animals — in your sorrow and anger over a tragedy — do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. The ASPCA deserves and needs your support.”