The Jane Street Hotel may be oh so pretty, but it has spurred an ugly battle on the street. Yes, after a full-on, balls-out attack on the hotel, the residents of the street have allegedly won... for now. We're told by a tipster that: "The Jane Street Hotel is now closed until November due to the violations and they have a sign on the door that its because of internal issues." This comes after the hotel was "raided" over the weekend.

Guess that's what happens when you hire a publicist, start a blog, and Tweet the long, noisy night away. We've contacted The Jane for comment, and to confirm. You can still get a room at the hotel, however, this only concerns the bar and lounge (which have been keeping the neighbors up at night).

UPDATE: The Jane tells us they are "voluntarily choosing to make a few minor physical adjustments to the ballroom space to insure that the entire venue is in 100% compliance with all codes and ordinances... for the next few weeks, while The Jane makes the minor changes to the Ballroom, they plan to only occupy the front bar."