Earlier this month, when reporting on bedbugs at the Metropolitan Opera, we joked in the headline, "Carnegie Hall Next?" AND THEN IT HAPPENED. Carnegie Hall is being treated for bedbugs, just as we foresaw. (We'd like to take this opportunity to further prophesize that someone will soon deliver some pizza pies from Di Fara to our office.) A tipster writes in about the bedbugs' debut at NYC's most prestigious concert hall:

"The bugs are located in the Stern auditorium, also, employee lockers," says our source. "The employees were told not to use their lockers for a month. They are trying to hush it up so they don't lose money. Employees won't talk for fear of losing their jobs."

Carnegie Hall spokesperson Synneve Carlino denies that bedbugs were in the auditorium, but confirms that "evidence of bedbugs" has been found. "Since the summer, Carnegie Hall has been undertaking monthly preventative searches for bedbugs, using a canine unit," Carlino said in a statement. "There have been no bedbugs (or evidence of bedbugs) found in any of Carnegie Hall’s three auditoriums. In our monthly backstage search last week, we found evidence of bedbugs (although no bugs) in some employee lockers and in an isolated location backstage.

"We immediately treated these areas, and asked employees to remove their belongings from the lockers for two weeks, the time necessary to ensure a complete treatment. Given the reports of bedbugs throughout the city, we will be continuing to conduct screenings throughout the building on an ongoing basis." The good news is that after this limited engagement, the bedbugs are launching an international tour to perform at all the world's greatest concert halls. So catch them now while you can!