Yankees manager Joe Girardi had a particularly busy Wednesday-into-Thursday evening, between winning the World Series and helping out a crash victim. Girardi stopped his car on his was home after the victory, swerving across the road on the Cross County Parkway in Eastchester, in order to help Marie Henry, 27, who had smashed into the guardrail. Girardi stayed with her and kept her calm until the police arrived. And the dazed Henry didn't have a clue who he was!

The Daily News spoke to Henry, an IT firm project manager, who explained, "He looked skinny, and he wasn't wearing a hat. He did not look big like he does on television" It was only after Girardi left that a Westchester cop tipped her off that it was the Yankee Skipper!

Now, it seems Girardi's good Samaritan gesture has made a true fan out of her: "It was the middle of the night; my cell phone battery was dying...Most people could have just kept driving. But he stopped. He's got a good heart...I'm a Yankee fan for life." Girardi was modest, saying on WFAN, "We can't forget to be human beings where we help others out. I think that's the most important thing we can do in life."