2007_04_delgado.jpgPolice are looking for the driver of a black Ford Jeep that witnesses say fatally struck 13-year-old Anthony Delgado in Bushwick after midnight on Sunday. Delgado had been biking home from a baby shower with two friends. His family would have been celebrating his sister's 6th birthday but instead spent yesterday mourning their loss,

The NY Times reports that at the intersection of Palmetto Street and Central Avenue, "which has no traffic light, stop sign or crosswalk.":

A car was approaching, but slowly enough that Anthony began to cross the one-way street anyway, Ricky [Alicea, Delgado's friend] said. Suddenly, a black S.U.V. darted out from behind the slower car, to pass it, and struck Anthony.

“I saw the bike go under the car,” Ricky said, adding of the driver, “Then he hit the gas when he saw me running to Anthony.”

A witness said that Delgado was thrown 15 feet by the impact, saying, "It threw him like he was a piece of trash." Police tried to follow the SUV, but were unable to catch up. Another resident said that cars regularly speed at 50-60 MPH on Central Avenue. And Ricky told the Daily News, "I was holding Anthony. He was breathing fast, he was bleeding. He was getting colder. I was telling him, 'Nothing's gonna happen. Nothing's gonna happen.'"

Investigators are checking surveillance tapes in the area to see if they can find any more information about the SUV. Delgado's stepfather made a plea to the driver through the media, "Be human. Turn yourself in. You ran over a human being."