After a night of heavy drinking at KJ's Ale House in Great Kills, Staten Island, one Ryan O'Leary was injured when she tripped on "a defective sidewalk" outside the bar. Her oopsy happened in January 2008, and now she's suing the bar for not maintaining the sidewalk and for getting her drunk when she wasn't legally allowed to drink. O'Leary was only 20 years old at the time, which is obviously too young to take responsibility for your own behavior. (The Staten Island Advance notices that her Facebook page shows her "smiling and holding a pair of pint glasses containing stirrers and an unspecified liquid.")

According to court papers, O'Leary was in "an impaired or intoxicated condition" when she left the bar, and the lawsuit alleges that the bar staff had "knowledge or reasonable cause" to believe she was under 21. And for helping out an eager young customer, this is the thanks they get?